Friday, April 17, 2009

At one time I gave the charge that the media has a liberal bias a lot of slack. I believed that in general things were balanced. However, after seeing and hearing the coverage on the Tea Parties I no longer have that generous attitude.

The CNN report which featured a reporter debating with one of the participants ( validates the liberal bias charge. The piece is presented as a sample of the event. The problem is she starts debating with the man and presenting her views. The report is no longer a presentation of an actual event but has become an editorial. Had the report been identified as an opinion piece that would have been acceptable because the viewer would know that what is being presented is someone's commentary.

The leading television station in Denver, channel 9, framed the Tea Party as a republican vs democrat event. That the crowd chanted "Impeach Obama", I was there and I never heard it. Of course there were over 5,000 people there scattered across the lawn and we will always have that 10% who fall behind. So there may have been some fools trying to start something but the dominate crowd chants were: U-S-A, NO YOU CAN'T, and WHERE'S RITTER.

So what to do? First realize that all "news" is biased and try to get multiple sources with a variety of biases. This is going to be difficult because the majority is liberal dominated view and frames things in favor of the left.

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