Sunday, November 29, 2009

Just finished reading Cheryl Russell's book "Bet You Didn't Know". It's a quick and informative read about our nation's demographics. The book is enjoyable because it is not just a listing of statistics but because of her evaluation and analysis of the stats. For example on page 188 she shows the statistic "Black Share of the American Population: 14". She then follows this statistic with 4 paragraphs of evaluations concluding:
  • These media distortions have consequences, says Gilens. Most of those who believe the poor are primarily black say the poor themselves are to blame for their predicament. Those who believe the poor are primarily white are more likely to lay the blame for poverty on bad luck rather than bad character.
She includes a footnote reference for Gilens consequence statement which I couldn't figure out how to do in Html. The page then ends with the Factoid source.

For further examples of her work see her blog at

The book is a quick, enjoyable, and revealing read.

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